“ASKME why it is the BAAP of all APPS”  

Waana To know about Askme ??

AskMe is an application truly available for Android Smartphones as of now which are serving information regarding your area in various different ways. Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd recently developed this application making it to be the 3rd app in the list of their developed apps. Other two being “FreeAds” and “Yellow Pages India” Apps in Google Play itself.


Various Features of this application:

So here are the following awesome features of AskMe App. Using this app you can,

Search for any company around you
You can get great deals offered by any of your favorite local companies.
You’ll get latest classifieds ads on various stuff.
Able to add reviews, picturesand other stuff for your favorite companies.
Be able to make your own listings and much more.
Read reviews to understand about great companies in your city
Share these with your friends and family via messages, e-mail, Facebook or Google+

Look up phone numbers and addresses for thousands of companies, and call them immediately from ASKME app.Added Company data, including standings, opening hours and payment procedures, to make your selection simpler.

User Interface:

AskMe App comes with a friendly User Interface, its too easy to use, neat and clean UI with that it displays information in bold characters making it easier for people to use and in short helping them finding what they are searching for.
Have a look at the screenshots of AskMe app:

Well guys, you must be knowing about AskMe Advertisement on Television Media, i hope you’d noticed them. It had been done by Ranbir Kapoor where in he shows how this app can be helpful in providing various information, finding old products and much more.

Downloading & Installing AskMe app

You can download this wonderful app from Google Play for your android smartphone. It is compatible with Android 2.2 and above smartphones.
Final Verdict:

As Askme is not a new idea, but basically the innovative idea behing this app is binding the three kinds of apps into one and that probably be the best one which is being loved by people throughout india.

I’ve been using this app too, and its a must download app for every android user around India. Go on download this app and enjoy finding various stuff online for free.


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